Saturday, February 7, 2009

You know you're in America when...

I recently spent 9 days in Southern California. Pity me, I know. Canadians and Americans are similar in many ways, but there are some very real differences. I found three easy ways to tell that I was in America. And flag waving wasn't one of them. No, because the biggest flag wavers are actually inane and insecure Canadians who plaster Canadian flags on their backpacks and bags when the travel. I digress.

Three ways to tell that you are in America:

1. Everyone wears sneakers, or running shoes
Doesn't matter the occasion, Americans will wear sneakers. I'm sure if you attended a black tie event, all the Americans would show up wearing running shoes with their tux, or evening gown.

2. You hear the word, "huh"
Instead of the ubiquitous, Eh, which Canadians are apt to use, Americans (and my mother) use, Huh, instead. If you thank a Canadian for something, you'll hear, "you're welcome," but if you thank an American, you'll get this response, "uh huh!"

3. You'll see ridiculous signs like these
The first sign was posted at the hotel's swimming pool, and the second at the hotel's restaurant.
"Hey honey, I think I'll go for a swim after breakfast!"

Good job I already have two kids. I guess I'll have to find myself a good Oncologist, now.


FlyGracefully said...

Only California has those signs about cancer. It really is overkill. I have yet to see a place that does not have a sign...even the hospitals do! Apparently going to California causes cancer.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Way to compare one small geographical area to the entire US. No wonder we don't like canucks!!!

Anonymous said...

generalize much?

By the way, I live in So. Cal and I NEVER hear anybody answer "Thank you" with "uh huh"; it is said in place of "yes".