Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looking to buy some molybdenum?

If you're interested in buying some molybdenum, apparently now is the time to buy. The price has dropped from $15 a pound to $11.79. Though personally I have a policy of not buying anything I can't pronounce. So, I usually stay away from the escargot and guacamole. But back to the reasonably priced molybdenum. You're probably wondering what it is. Well, the picture online looked like the left overs that you've had sitting in the back of your fridge for the past month. 

It's a Group 6 chemical element, with the chemical symbol MO, and has an atomic number of 42 (whatever that means...I knew I should have paid more attention in Chemistry 9).

I'm reading that molybdenum doesn't occur naturally as a free metal. Isn't that evident considering they are charging $11.79 per pound. It's used to make alloys and super alloys, which I've been told is different than a super model.

Why should you care about all this? You may think it's because a mine in BC is trimming its operations and laying off workers until the price rises. But really it's so you can sound really intelligent at your next cocktail party. Consider it my gift to you. Now go out and get yourself some molybdenum before the price goes back up.